6th-7th ELA Teacher

Job Responsibilities : 6th-7th ELA Teacher

Salary : n

Company : Rocky Mountain Classical Academy

Location : Colorado Springs, CO 80922 US

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QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree plus additional coursework required for licensure or certificationREPORTS TO: Executive Principal PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Cooperate with the board and administration in implementing all policies procedures and directives governing the operation of the school.Effectively represent the school its program policies and philosophy and the teaching profession to the board and the community.Follow the grievance policy as outline in the Employee Handbook in dealing with conflict with student parents staff and administration.Know the procedures for dealing with issues of an emergency nature.Work as team with other staff maintaining a supportive and encouraging relationship with other teachers and assisting in the development/implementation of programs/processes to enhance the school’s overall program.Seek the counsel of the administration colleagues and parents while maintaining a teachable attitude.Regularly attend and participate in school staff meetings and applicable in-service sessions.Control distribute and inventory applicable school-owned resources ( i.e. textbooks equipment) and cultivate in students a respect for those materials.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following statements are intended to describe the general nature and level or work being performed by individuals assigned to this position. These statements are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required of all personnel within this position. Actual duties and responsibilities may vary depending upon building assignments and other factors.Teach classes as assigned following the prescribed Core Knowledge/Classical guides as scheduled by the Administration.Utilize valid teaching techniques to achieve curriculum goals within the framework of the school’s philosophy.Employ a variety of instructional aids methods and materials that will provide for creative teaching to reach the whole child: mental physical social and emotionalPlan a program of study that as much as possible meets the individual needs interests and abilities of the students challenging each to do his/her best work.Maintain a clean attractive well-ordered classroom.*Keep proper discipline in the classroom and on the school premises for a good learning environment.Maintain regular and accurate attendance and grade records to meet the demands for a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s progress through the student information system.Assess the learning of students on a regular basis and provide progress reports as required.Keep students parents and the administration adequately informed of progress or deficiencies of student academic work and give sufficient notice of deficiency or failure.Conduct parent-teacher conferences during the school year sufficient to maintain effective school home communicationMaintain teacher page on the RMCA website.Submit lesson plans objectives tests quarterly plans and assignments that may be requested by the administration.Inform the administration in a timely manner if unable to fulfill any duty assigned.

Prepare adequate information and materials for a substitute teacher.Show professional knowledge and growth through continued study and reading in the field of teaching and attendance at appropriate conferences and workshops.Perform other duties that may be assigned by the administration such as carpool recess lunch duty etc.

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