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Job Responsibilities : ZingTrain Concierge

Salary : n

Company : Zingerman’s

Location : 3728 Plaza Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 US

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ZingTrain Concierge

(updated Dec. 2022)

Performance Expectations

  • The Concierge brings an exceptional customer experience to clients and co-workers by providing hospitality and logistical support for ZingTrain’s on-site in-person training events at our training facility in Ann Arbor MI; preparing the building for guests’ arrival facilitating food service during the event and cleaning and closing up the building after an event is over.
  • ZingTrain hosts 2-day seminars late January through June and August through early December. We host workshops at our facility with individual clients all year long. In July the Concierge leads facility updates and improvements.

Full time Salaried Position (45 hours/week)

  • Typically Monday-Friday including regular early mornings and occasional late nights and weekends on event days
  • Starting salary range $45000-$48000/year with manager level benefits with an increase to $50000 once out of manager orientation which typically takes 4-6 months to complete

Essential Job Functions

  • Coordinates logistics for ZingTrain onsite events
    • Room set-up (tables chairs etc.)
    • Creates seating charts and arranges training materials for our training
    • Sets up and builds attractive displays of food
    • Responsible for opening and closing the building
    • Actively communicates with the trainers regarding event logistics before and during the events
    • Makes sure sidewalks restrooms and all public areas are “customer ready” including music playing
    • Ensures all outside lights are always on and welcome blackboards are up to date
    • Runs AV systems (music projector) audits AV standard operating procedures (SOPs) and when renting out our facility trains clients on the use of AV as needed
    • Sets up serves clears and cleans up after meals
    • Wipes down all tables and resets if needed
    • Washes and sanitizes dishes
    • Ensure the kitchen area and Pantry are clean organized and food safe
    • Vacuums if needed
    • Uses task board(s) and event setup checklists auditing and continuously improving systems
    • Duplicates client training materials on an as-needed basis
  • Rebuilds and leads the ZingTrain Support Team of 2-3 which includes 2 Event Support team members and the Office Coordinator
    • Works with the Managing Partner to develop a vision and timeline for hiring support staff
    • Participates in interviewing and hiring support staff as needed
    • Takes the lead on training and scheduling support staff
    • Provides regular on-shift supervision and feedback to support staff
    • Participates in annual performance reviews for support staff
    • Leads the quarterly event support huddle
  • Coordinates with Zingerman’s Catering and wholesale vendors (Deli Roadhouse Coffee Creamery Candy Bakehouse Miss Kim)
    • Organizes food deliveries and tours of other Zingerman’s businesses according to the systems and expectations of those businesses
    • Provides feedback to our Zingerman’s wholesale vendors
  • Leads ZingTrain’s building operations including (but not limited to):
    • Coordinating building and equipment maintenance and cleaning; setting up systems as needed
    • Is first on the call list for the building alarm systems
    • Is primary point of contact with landlord cleaners Zingerman’s Service Network Operations Department and other facilities vendors
    • Develops and maintains systems for coordination of facility rental room reservations and catering
    • Writes and audits SOPs to communicate systems and operations improvements to others
    • Works closely with trainers and/or clients on any use of ZingTrain’s space
    • Is the primary point of contact for outside organizations who are renting/using ZingTrain facilities; answers questions and develops systems as needed.
  • Supports ZingTrain seminars and other in-house ZingTrain and client events including:
    • Always arrives on time
    • Processes seminar and virtual workshop registrations e-learning and book orders and invoices as needed.
    • Anticipates needs of seminar participants trainers event support staff and others at ZingTrain during events working closely with Event Support Staff to ensure an excellent guest experience
    • Exudes contagious energy enthusiasm stamina and calm
    • Is main point of contact between seminar participants and Zingerman’s: sending welcome and survey emails connecting participants to other ZCoBbers as needed answering questions and providing support
    • During events regularly checks on cleanliness of facilities (including restrooms and kitchen) and tidies as needed
    • Actively participates in Open-Book Management including attending weekly all-staff meetings and reporting on business key measures
    • Responsible (together with the rest of the ZingTrain team) for meeting ZingTrain’s Annual Plan goals
    • Is an active and contributing member of the ZingTrain team regularly suggesting and implementing ideas that increase the level of positive energy and performance at ZingTrain

Additional Non-Essential Job Functions

  • Supports ZingTrain office operations by answering ZingTrain phones as needed.
  • Looks for ways to continuously improve systems and operations
  • Suggests and implements ideas for increasing the level of fun in the workplace on a regular basis.

Skills/Experience Needed

  • Exceptional customer service skills—in-person on the phone and in writing
  • Experience and confidence coordinating events with many details and variables
  • Experience running catering events and displaying food beautifully strongly preferred
  • Experience managing a purchasing budget and/or working within a specific budget to source and order products.
  • Experience supervising or managing others
  • Track record of follow-through (including the last little details) on projects
  • Ability and willingness to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Willingness to ask for help and/or clarification of expectations
  • Sales oriented and committed to the financial success of the business
  • Working knowledge of ZingTrain’s most regularly used software (Google Docs InDesign Hubspot) desired
  • Food service experience desired

Desired Personal Characteristics

  • Self-starter that works well work independently as well as with a team
  • Trustworthy reliable and enthusiastic
  • Can discreetly handle confidential information
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Quick learner who is comfortable with ambiguity
  • Documents to-do lists and action plans; leaves a clear paper trail that others can follow
  • Comfortable giving and receiving feedback in the interest of continuous improvement
  • Actively lives Zingerman’s Guiding Principles and Zingerman’s Training Compact
  • Juggles multiple responsibilities tasks and pressures with grace and good humor
  • Exudes positive vibrational energy
  • Stays calm in an emergency
  • Prefers to work within a structure/plan but able to make on-the-spot changes as needed
  • Willingly goes the extra mile in all aspects of the job
  • Is flexible self-motivated and fun!

Covid Precautions:

  • All current ZingTrain staff are vaccinated
  • Air Purification Systems have been installed on all HVAC units which neutralize greater than 99.6% of airborne particles viruses and aerosols

Draft Hiring Timeline

  • Job Posted December 15 2022-January 8 2023
  • Phone Screens: January 9 – 13 2023
  • In-Person Interviews: January 17 – 25 2023
  • Ideal Start Date: Somewhere between January 30-February 13 2023

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