Data Engineer, Warehouse (Remote)

Job Responsibilities : Data Engineer, Warehouse (Remote)

Salary : Competitive Salary

Company : System1

System1 is one of the largest customer acquisition companies in the world whose growth depends heavily on a very talented data engineering team. Our roadmap includes deploying an event driven design for our data collection, migration from Kinesis to Confluent Kafka, deploying stream processing from our Kafka platform and leveraging these improvements in design changes to our data warehouse, and this is where you come in!

We process billions of records a day to support business intelligence, data science and machine learning, traffic quality and analytics and do so relying primarily on Python, SQL and Snowflake. However, we are looking to expand into stream processing using the Kafka Streams API, the streams DSL and ksqlDB. Our primary goals are scalability, reliability, usability and performance.

You will be working in a fast paced environment as part of the team of data engineers, designing and implementing solutions that provide business-critical insights.  You will be responsible for design of data warehouse schemas as well as end-to-end design and implementation of fault tolerant and scalable data processing pipelines using a variety of technologies for orchestrating data movement, primarily Snowflake, DBT and Airflow.

The Role You Will Have:
Design and implement data warehouse schemas to store large data sets that can be easily and efficiently queried and joined together for reporting and analytical purposes.
Design and develop ETL/ELT pipelines to efficiently move and aggregate data, while optimizing for maximum code and data reuse.
Collaborate with other team members on improvements to existing systems
Investigate data anomalies and provide quick resolutions.
Provide technical support to business users and analysts.

What You Will Bring:
3+ years of working experience with large scale data warehouse systemsVery strong knowledge of SQL and data manipulation best practices
Experience in building efficient and fault tolerant ELT/ETL data pipelines
Very strong knowledge of working with large scale datasets
Ability to investigate data discrepancies and find the root cause

Ability to write test cases for data validation
Ability to write clear documentation
Very strong knowledge of data modeling and data warehouse design
Experience with Snowflake is preferable
Knowledge of DBT, Jinja scripting and Airflow is a big plus

Ability to translate business requirements into functional specifications

Ability to quickly adapt to changes in requirements and to effectively work on geographically diverse cross-functional teams
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

What We Have to Offer:
Competitive PTO
11 Company Holidays
Untracked sick time
100% covered Medical, Dental, Vision for employees
401k w/match
Paid professional development
Leadership & growth opportunities
Virtual company and team building events

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