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Job Responsibilities : Real Estate Agent (Part-Time) – Training Included

Salary : n

Company : Cantu Group Real Estate Team l The Griffin

Location : Remote US

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Real Estate Agent (Part Time or Full Time) | Training & Systems Provided (Must reside in the Greater Seattle Area)

Do You Have A Plan: Don’t Start Or Continue Your Real Estate Career Without The Right Plan!

The Problem: The reality of the real estate agent business is that there are over 2 million licensed agents in the United States and 1.3 million of those licensees sell Less Than 3 Properties Per Year. Many thousands upon thousands more pay MLS dues without selling any homes whatsoever. Furthermore many top producing agents are drowning in expenses as they chase higher gross commission levels.

Imagine if they followed a real proven plan? This could be a much better more predictable independent business opportunity for both part timers and full timers alike!

Our Mission: We want to help empower Real Estate agents with our simple plan that educates and guides them through the what-to-do steps for growing a successful independent business. One that positively impacts their own lives as well as the lives of the Sellers and Buyers they serve!

Why Us: Our founder Paul Cantu is a native of Seattle who was born and raised here in our beautiful city. The Cantu Group Real Estate Team has since its inception been an independent local family and minority owned and operated real estate office. We have always prided ourselves on our wonderfully diverse team.

Our energy is incredibly vibrant and fun! We are seeking positive forward minded persons who want to be a part of something big! People who want to learn grow and build their own lucrative lifelong businesses that can serve themselves their clients their families and their communities. If this sounds like your type of vibe we might be the perfect place for you!

PLUS: Our co-founder Danny Griffin is also the owner of our affiliate “ The Realty Classroom through which he serves as a coach to U.S. and Canadian based top real estate agents. He guides them and teaches them the same plan you will have access to.

Plus: Part-Time Agents: It’s critical to start with an understanding that real estate is not just a job rather it’s an opportunity to own your own business. If you don’t start out with a plan then you’ll become another statistic in the small business failure epidemic.

Full-Time Agents: If your plan involves selling on muscle and chasing GCI (gross commission income) by randomly adding leads and team members then we are certain that we can help you both sell more and keep more. We’ll teach you how to professionalize your business with a clear plug-and-play business plan template that we use and improve upon year after year to keep up with the constantly changing market. Our goal is to help you grow a consistent predictable and profitable business!

What We Teach: We educate our agents on how to properly manage their businesses using a modular format that includes Marketing Conversion Closing and Past Client modules. Our plan continues to guide our own brokerage and we want to share it with you – regardless whether you join us formally or simply become part of our extended family.

More specifically:

We Help Our Agents With What -To-Do Action Steps That Include:

New Agents:

  • Guiding You Through The Real Estate Licensing Process
  • Offering The Freedom To Work From Home
  • Providing You With Your Own Personal Website
  • Providing Simple Presentation Materials To Include Seller & Buyer Courses & Infographics
  • Providing Market Update Newsletter Templates Branded For You
  • Setting Up Your Social Media Presence To Help You Build Your Brand
  • Providing A Turnkey Social Media Strategy
  • Providing In-The-Field Sales Mentoring With Successful Agents
  • Providing On-Demand Digital Access To All Forms & Disclosures
  • Providing An In-House Closing Coordinator To Protect Your Contracts
  • Providing In-House Weekly Coaching On How To Use Our Systems Effectively
  • Bonus: Commission Sharing = We Pay You On EVERY Sale Completed By Agents That You Recruit

Experienced Agents (New Agent Benefits Plus):

  • Providing You With A Pre-Programmed Online Contact Management System
  • Providing You With Automated Email Follow Up Systems
  • Providing You With Automated Task Management Follow Up Systems
  • Providing You Deep Dive Coaching On How To Properly Build A Profitable Team

What You Bring To Us:

  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • A Trainable Mindset
  • A Coachable Mindset
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Motivation
  • A Desire To Grow & Move In New & Exciting Directions

What We Are Not Looking For: We are not for you if you believe that the latest shiny brokerage offering something less than a real plan is your answer to quick real estate success. We know there is no such thing. This business opportunity is not easy but can be very lucrative in the long run for those willing to commit to listening learning growing and being patient during that process.

If We’re Speaking Your Language We Understand That You Might Want To Learn More – Contact us today!

P.S. We Offer Very Competitive Commission Splits that include a sliding scale based on production for any new or experienced agent who understands that success is based on a mutually beneficial agent-broker relationship and completely dependent upon hard work and not the latest gimmick get-rich-quick scheme! : )

Job Types: Full-time Part-time

Pay: $30000.00 – $150000.00 per year


  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional development assistance
  • Work from home


  • Self-determined schedule

Work Location: Multiple Locations

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