[Job Opportunity] Freelance Product Review Writer (Remote, Worldwide)

Job Responsibilities : [Job Opportunity] Freelance Product Review Writer (Remote, Worldwide)

Salary : Competitive Salary

Company : FluentU

[Job Opportunity] Freelance Product Review Writer

Rate: $0.06 per word

Location: Anywhere, remote

FluentU’s blog team is seeking talented, tech-savvy writers with a passion for language learning who can review language learning products and share their honest experience with our readers.

FluentU is an online education company that helps people learn languages with real-world videos, including movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

We have a website, iOS app (usually in the top 20-50 grossing iOS education apps), and Android app. Founded in 2011, we’re a profitable, stable company with long-term focus, and we’re proudly self-funded.

FluentU is brought to you by a team of passionate language learners distributed around the world. So, what’s it like to work at FluentU?

We’re a 100%, permanently remote team with members distributed all over the world
Your workday is flexible—you decide when you work (as long as you get everything done on time!) and where you work (working from home, cafes, coworking spaces—are all welcome).
Most of our communication is text-based.

We have a calm, highly collaborative environment.
Communication is key: Opinions and input are always welcome and encouraged.
We believe in continuous improvement and are constantly looking for better ways to get things done.
We offer constructive feedback and opportunities for growth to every team member.
We are a friendly and dedicated team!

At the moment, we’re interested in exploring the wealth of digital language learning products (apps, websites, software, etc.) that are on the market.

As a product review writer, you will be responsible for:

Writing new blog posts dedicated to the deep-dive review of a single product.
Writing resource roundups that compare and contract a variety of resources.

Updating published review and roundup posts to improve their quality or to reflect recent changes to products.
Ensuring all your content meets our style/content guidelines for review posts.
Taking high-quality screenshots—and potentially helping to create GIFs, screencasts and other visuals—to illustrate your experience with the product.

Must provide writing samples that showcase top-quality product reviewsIf you don’t have published product reviews yet, please be sure your application demonstrates your ability to write product reviews or you will not be considered for this role.
1+ years of experience with learning or teaching a language that is foreign to youYou don’t need to be advanced/fluent, but you should be very familiar with the needs, desires and challenges of language learners, as well as the types of topics, situations, vocabulary and marketing/products language learners come across on a daily basis

Can write at a native level of English
This might be the right role for you if:
You’re independent and can thoroughly explore any language learning product with minimal direction
You’re tech savvy enough to explore any digital resource without technical problems getting in the way
You have a keen eye for details that make a product stand out from the pack

You can put yourself in the shoes of other language learners and consider why they might enjoy (or not enjoy) a particular product based on their learning style, the language they’re learning, their native language, and any other personal factors.
You’re comfortable being in the spotlight—you’ll be speaking as yourself and sharing personal anecdotes, honest experiences, thoughts and opinions, and your bio and photo will be present on every review you write

You tell it like it is, but you are tactful—we want to share honest opinions without being disrespectful
You’re able to bring humor and personality to what some may consider “dry” topics
You’re the editor’s favorite writer (they know that when your content is submitted, it’s basically ready to publish and they won’t have to do much editing/proofreading)

You should NOT apply for this job if:
You don’t like needing to come up with ideas or figure things out on your own
You’re not comfortable in a fast-changing environment, or adapting to regularly updated writing guidelines
You don’t have a real interest or experience in languages
You don’t consider yourself tech savvy or haven’t spent much time using apps/websites/software

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