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Job Responsibilities : Assistant County Clerk-Recorder

Salary : n

Company : County of Nevada

Location : 950 Maidu Avenue, Nevada City, CA 95959 US

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Definition and Class Characteristics


Nevada County’s Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters seeks an experienced collaborative leader to be the next Assistant Clerk-Recorder. Working at the County of Nevada offers a challenging and rewarding work environment and the satisfaction of knowing you’re working to better our communities.

The Assistant County Clerk-Recorder reports to and serves at the will of the County Clerk-Recorder an elected official. Under administrative oversight the Assistant County Clerk-Recorder assists with planning organizing directing and managing the activities of the County Clerk-Recorder’s office and provides highly complex staff assistance to the County Clerk-Recorder. The Assistant County Clerk-Recorder acts on behalf of the County Clerk-Recorder in their absence and provides full line and functional management responsibility for the department’s Recorder County Clerk and Elections divisions.

The Assistant Clerk-Recorder oversees a team of 10 positions including administrative support and management staff. In this capacity the Assistant Clerk-Recorder works closely with staff to manage budget and human resource needs chairs the Voter Outreach and Education Committee and maintains strong collaborative relationships with partner agencies and vendors. During election preparations the office hires up to 60 extra-help temporary staff to assist with workload and coordinates training and placement for our Vote Centers.

The Assistant Clerk-Recorder actively participates with staff to complete key election tasks such as selecting vote centers designing/publishing voter materials and mailings conducting official canvass audits and overseeing regular evaluations of election operations to identify prioritize and implement improvements as part of an annual program improvement plan. When potential or unexpected problems arise the Assistant Clerk-Recorder troubleshoots and produces solutions that are feasible efficient and compliant with current law. In addition the Assistant Clerk-Recorder is the primary contact for local municipal school and special districts as well as voters and candidates seeking information on both recording and election law and procedure.

The Assistant Clerk-Recorder stays abreast of proposed state and federal legislation anticipates policy trends and identifies strategies and develops plans to integrate new laws and regulations into existing procedures. Policy direction is provided by the elected Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters with significant discretion left to the Assistant Clerk-Recorder to interpret and apply that direction.

NOTE: Registrar of Voters Office staff are required to work a considerable amount of mandatory overtime during peak workload election periods. Consequently the incumbent’s presence is required to provide direct and continuous oversight of operations during mandatory overtime periods.

The ideal Assistant Clerk-Recorder will be a collaborative leader who can develop and maintain positive relationships with a wide range of stakeholders agencies and vendors such as voters news media title companies boards and commissions state and federal legislative bodies the Elections Legislative committee the Recorders’ Legislative committee the California Department of Public Health-Vitals Division and the California Secretary of State. This individual will have the adaptability to shift from micro-level oversight training and direct supervision of staff activity to macro-level oversight that involves anticipating and developing policy that assures compliance with state and federal regulations and laws in order to effectively maintain confidentiality of information and protect the integrity of both the recording and election processes. The most successful candidate will also possess:

  • Substantial experience evaluating and/or establishing policies and procedures to ensure efficiency of operations and compliance with current law
  • Strategic planning skills to lead through significant change and promote a culture of inclusion learning and excellence
  • Extensive experience leading and motivating successful teams in a public sector environment
  • An in-depth understanding of County governmental operations policies and procedures
  • Strong ethics and a high level of integrity

Recognized as a well-organized and high functioning organization Nevada County is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected on a non-partisan basis to serve four-year terms. The Board of Supervisors is the legislative and executive body of County government. Agency Directors report to the County Executive Officer who is known for her open communication style and desire to connect with County employees.

Nevada County leadership values employee development and engagement promotes open and transparent communication and recognizes employee contributions. Leadership connects with employees and the community listens to them and provides meaningful programming to keep them safe and healthy.

Known as “California Gold Country” Nevada County encompasses 974 square miles located in the foothills of the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada with access to a variety of recreational and cultural activities. Established in 1851 historic Nevada County includes Truckee Grass Valley and Nevada City – the County Seat. Residents enjoy a rural lifestyle with urban amenities and are only an hour from the State Capital.

Join the County of Nevada and experience the majestic beauty of an extraordinary county! Picturesque landscapes gorgeous Reno-Tahoe forests historic towns fine dining and a wide variety of entertainment recreational and cultural activities offer something for everyone. Visit and for additional information about the community.

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This summary of benefits is not a binding document and is provided as a courtesy. Refer to specific summaries and agreements (MOUs) for specific benefit information.

11 paid holidays per year.
Paid Leave Program (Combination of Vacation and Sick Leave):
0-5 years:165 hrs./year;6-10 years:192 hrs./yr.;11+ years:200 hrs./yr. Maximum accrual is 400 hours and 40 hours may be cashed out each fiscal year
Floating Holiday:
16 hours max;24 hours max after 10 years of service
Admin Leave:
40 hours per fiscal year

Medical Dental and Vision Plans:
County of Nevada offers CalPERS’ suite of medical plan offerings. We offer Delta Dental Coverage and Vision Service Plan (VSP) vision coverage. You may elect medical insurance for yourself only or you and your eligible dependents. You may elect dental and vision insurance for yourself only or for you and your eligible dependents. Your choice regarding medical insurance enrollment is separate from your election for dental and vision insurance. Dental and vision insurance are bundled however (this means if you elect dental insurance you must also elect vision insurance.)

Depending upon the plan selected by the employee the County contributes a substantial amount of the total cost of the complete health package (including medical dental and vision coverage). In 2020 the amount the County contributes for employee only coverage is $568 per month;for employee + one coverage $1113 per month;and for family coverage $1484 per month. For those employees who have health coverage from other sources and who elect to not participate in Nevada County’s plans the County offers a $300 monthly taxable Cash-Back allowance. For part-time employees working 50% or more the County contribution will be pro-rated. As an example a 50% employee will only receive the benefit of 50% of the county contribution rates listed above increase out-of-pocket costs significantly.

Life Insurance:
The County pays the premium for life insurance equal to $20000. Optional life insurance is also available for purchase by the employee.
Disability Insurance
The County also participates in California State Disability Insurance (SDI) fund for short-term disability.
Employee Assistance Program
The County-sponsored Employee Assistance provides confidential counseling coaching and wellness services to employees and their eligible dependents.
Deferred Compensation
The County offers a 457 Deferred Compensation program and FSA (Flexible Spending Arrangement). Deposits into these plans are strictly voluntary and are made through a payroll deduction on a tax-deferred basis. The County does not make contributions to the employees’ Deferred Compensation account.
Longevity pay is available at 2.5% after 10 years of service.Tuition remission available for eligible courses/degree programs.
The County is in the Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) coordinated with Social Security. The various Retirement Plans are listed below:
Legacy Members- 2.7% @ 55
Final Retirement Compensation based on Single Highest Year. Effective July 1 2016 employees contribute a total of 10.585% towards the employer share of the PERS contribution. Employer pays the normal employee contribution of 8% and reports it as EPMC.
Classic Members to PERS- 2% @ 60
Final Retirement Compensation based on Highest Three-Year Average. Employee contributes 7%.
New Members to PERS- 2.0% @ 62
Final Retirement Compensation based on Highest Three-Year Average. Employee contributes 7.75%.
CalPERS defines new members as:
(1) A new hire who is brought into CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1 2013 and who has no prior membership in any other California public retirement system.
(2) A new hire who is brought into CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1 2013 and who is not eligible for reciprocity with another California public retirement system.

(3) A member who established CalPERS membership prior to January 1 2013 and who is hired by a different CalPERS employer after January 1 2013 after a break in service of greater than six months.

Any information on this page or links is subject to change without notice. Nevada County Human Resources Department
950 Maidu Avenue Nevada City CA 95959 (530) 265-7010
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