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Salary : $29000 Per Year

Company : Cary Medical Center

Location : 163 Van Buren Rd Ste 1, Caribou, ME 04736 US

Educational requirements : High School

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Status Hours:

36 hrs/wk

Job Summary:

Performance is assigned a variety of general food service tasks.

Essential Duties:

1. Nutrition screenings conducted within 24 hours of admission.

2. New lab values and weights are collected every 7 days and recorded in Kardex.

3. Prepares and adjust nourishment and production forms.

4. Maintains accurate and updates dietary records or patients.

5. Performs cash procedures.

6. Runs diet list off computer at designated times.

7. Collects all lab values height/weight age diagnosis and diet orders upon admission and records in patient Kardex.

8. Checks trays on tray line for accuracy.

9. Visits high risk and or unsatisfied patients every day during meal times to determine intake checks and records in Kardex.

10. Checks menus before meal time making additions and deletions as needed.

11. Let’s cook and general duty know of additions and deletions on production.

12. When making out menus with patients offers alternated food selection to patients that may find the menu unsatisfactory and or length of stay is five or more days.

13. Makes at least 3 attempts to see patient for menu selection before using house menu.

14. Attempts to obtain food preferences from patient’s family whenever possible if patient is unable to let you know.

15. Kardex updated and utilized when checking menus and nourishments.

16. Calculates calorie counts and charts intakes.

17. Records meal tallies accurately (phone logs call downs trays sent).

18. Collects totals and records calorie counts accurately.

19. Answers telephone promptly; handles information with courtesy accuracy and respect for patient confidentiality; receives information and distributes messages as necessary.

20. Recognizes and performs duties which need to be performed although not directly assigned.

21. Performs work in a manner conducive to good guest/employee relations.

22. Displays courteous respectful and compassionate behavior towards patients and other customers utilizing effective communication skills.

23. Seeks opportunities to become involved in the effort for service excellence.

Other Responsibilities:

1. Complies with local state and federal laws and regulations.



Days evening shift weekend rotations on-call availability and holidays depending on departmental needs.

Educational Requirements:

1. High School or GED preferred.

2. Ability to relate professionally with other hospital staff.

3. Ability to organize and prioritize work to the advantage of the patients and customers.

4. Frequent problem solving required.

5. Continuously assess situations and determine immediate corrective action.

Physical Demand Requirements:

6. Sitting: 4-7 hours/day.

7. Standing: 1-3 hours/day.

8. Walking: 1-3 hours/day.

9. Lifting: 25-50 pounds with good body mechanics.

10. Twisting actions: Frequent 500-1000 or greater twists/day.

11. Bending: Moderate with 130-480 bends/day.

12. Manual Dexterity: Gross dexterity with infrequent fine motor movements.

13. Requires 20/40 near vision and 20/40 far vision.

14. Moderate clear speaking ability required 1-4 hours/day.

15. Working with others: Association is frequent and comprises a major portion of the job.

16. Expectations are not always clear and may change.

17. Irregular and extended work hours: Moderate and occasional including weekends and evening and night hours.

Promotes a Collaborative and Cooperative Environment:

1. Establishes good rapport and cooperative working relationships with other members of the organization to promote quality care and service.

2. Handles conflict appropriately (uses “I” statements to discuss issues discusses privately and directly with the individual involved obtains assistance from supervisor when needed).

3. Responds appropriately to change (remains open- minded keeps personal agendas out).

4. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner (language and actions reflect the mission and vision of CMC).

5. Participation in performance improvement by identifying problems and potential solutions (Be Part of the Solution Not Part of the Problem).

6. Treats patients family visitors and co-workers with respect and dignity (addressing individuals courteously knocking before entering keeping voice down displaying positive regard).

7. Provide exceptional customer service thus contributing to the “WOW” experience (offering assistance before being asked going one step extra to help smiles and makes eye contact when speaking).

Cognitive Environment Requirements:

1. Some problem solving required. Makes independent judgments & decisions.

2. Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed.

Emotional Environment Requirements:

1. Must remain calm & exercise self-control in working relationships.

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