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Job Responsibilities : Vending Tech

Salary : $34000 Per Year

Company : Pepsi MidAmerica

Location : Effingham, IL 62401 US

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Repair vending and fountain equipment at the customer’s location in the assigned geographical territory. Install remove and replace all vending equipment as assigned by the service manager.


1. Perform a complete service call on all service work orders assigned during a given day. Complete all service work orders that are dispatched and deemed emergency by customer service.

2. Install remove or replace vending machines visi-coolers and fountain equipment as assigned by the vending service manager.

3. Complete appropriate equipment tags identifying condition of equipment for any equipment being returned to the Marion Service department.

4. Insure that each piece of equipment is in good working order before closing the work order.

5. Maintain and accurately record inventory of vending and dispensing parts issued to the assigned service truck.

6. Communicate to the customer and what steps were taken to repair equipment and/or if any steps can be taken to prevent future occurrences.

7. Perform pre and post trip inspections on assigned vehicle each day before leaving the depot and immediately upon returning to the depot. Report any malfunctions and/or defects with the mechanical operation of the vehicle to the service manager by completing a “Vehicle Inspection Report” (VRI). Any trash or debris must be removed from the vehicle before ending the workday.

8. Responsible for completing an internal time sheet and turning into the vending asset clerk daily on any work order that is not recorded in the vending hand held computer.

9. Complete a weekly parts inventory of all parts assigned to the truck. No less than 25% of the inventory should be counted each week in order to cycle through each part by month’s end.

10. Responsible for working safely and for reporting potential hazardous problems in the work area to management.

11. To perform other service duties as assigned and deemed necessary by the Vending Service Manager.

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